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Strength from our roots

VKW is a nationally known Hotel / Hospitality Renovation Contractor who started as a Commercial General Contractor specializing in retail, office, restaurant, industrial and tenant improvement projects. We at VKW took our many years of commercial construction experiences and applied them to the Hotel Renovation industry. We found out our attention to detail, quality expectations and highly productive schedules was what was required in order to exceed our Hotel clients expectations.

As one of the top Hotel Renovation Contractors in the country, VKW has developed systematic approaches in order to fully renovate occupied hotel properties in an extremely short time frame. We understand how to maintain production while minimizing room displacement and disruption to your guests.

Clients we have worked with

VKW works with Clients / Brands all across the country, each client having their own set of needs. VKW can provide renovation expertise by working hand in hand with Architects, Interior Designers, Logistics Companies and Vendors who specialize in Hotel / Hospitality work.

We do everything necessary to accommodate and deliver exactly what our clients expect from their construction partner. We do this so our clients can spend their time managing their hotel’s day to day business operations.

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